Great News! Welcome Janna and Lindsay!

Welcome Janna and Lindsay

as Co-Contributors to our Blog!

I am so happy to announce that BBB  is now going to be a Trio! My close friends Janna and Lindsay are joining BBB to help provide more variety to our posts. Over the past few months, we’ve  discovered that we share the same interests in indie books and music and have very interesting points of view on a myriad of subjects.  It’s going to be such a wonderful and exciting change!  Watch out for more reviews, author spotlights, book trailers, cover reveals and interviews as well as career and fashion tidbits!

Meet Lindsay:


I am not a writer, just a reader. I am a lover of love and indie authors. I don’t get overly excited about wrong comma placement or fragmented sentences, because I can barely construct one myself. I just know what makes me happy when I read and like to share when I find a good book!

I like a good love story, from the sweet to the scandalous, if there is a happily ever after in it, I am all over it.



And here’s Janna:


I’m a writer, a reader,  a devoted music lover and a coffee addict.  I am an avid Indie author supporter and definitely a book nerd.  I am organizing my first book signing event scheduled for 2014 and look forward to seeing you all there!



Here Comes Spring!

I took my seasonal break from reading for another fun visit with my personal shopper! I get all excited just thinking about spending two hours with this woman! Once again, she did not disappoint. What’s new for Spring?  Color, lots of it!  And dig into your shoe closet because word on the street is that POINTY shoes are back!  What else is new? Cork wedges,  White Blazers, Ankle strap metallic shoes, Nude colored shoes, Studded Hi-Tops, Large, Bulky accessories and Anything Military!

Valentine’s Day Giveway!


Happy Valentine’s Day! Today I am giving away two copies each of the following Kindle version books:

Ten Days of Perfect by Andrea Randall

Every Which Way by Calia Read

Bouquet Toss by Melissa Brown

Love Evolution and Love Revolution by Michelle Mankin

Leave a comment below with your choice of book, your email address and what you want to see more of in this blog and I’ll pick 10 Random Winners on Friday!

My First Blogger Interview!

Check out Stephanie Kaye of In Wonderland’s interview of BBB which just posted today!

Blogs To Talk About (8)

Name: Nina Gomez
Age: Really? I’m so old
What’s the story behind the blog name?
I was trying to find a name that will properly reflect the things that I wanted to write about. My author friends Crystal Serowka and Michelle Mankin actually came up with this name. I had a few other ideas, but they convinced me that the name was well suited to the things I was passionate about. I have a full time career that I love so I wanted to incorporate that in my blog as well.
Why did you start to book blog and how long have you been book blogging?
I started right after I attended the TFIC Author Signing in Chicago last September 2012. So, it’s been about only four months. I have been writing since I was in grade school but that event and meeting so many people who are now my close friends just inspired me to get out of my comfort zone and do what I love to do, which is write. The blog started out as really something I just wanted to do for me. It’s kind of taken off thanks to the support of the people in our book groups, and so I am waiting to see where it takes me.
I was also offered a slot as a reviewer for The Indie Bookshelf and so I read and review for them as well. They are the funniest, most genuine, most amazing group of women I have ever met and I just really enjoy being a part of their team.
Where is your favorite place to read?
On the couch while my family is watching TV or just hanging out. Also on vacation when I’m by the pool or on the beach. Or on the plane.
E-book or Hardcopy? Why?
I am hooked on my E book. It took a long time for me to make the switch, but now that I have done it, I don’t think I can ever go back. I love that everything is at my fingertips and I can order books instantly and on every whim.
Favorite book of all-time and why?
The Thornbirds by Colleen McCullough. I really just fell into it and it made me think for years and years to come. It was the first grown up book I read while in high school and the love between the main characters was just so real and painful for me.
Do you have any blogs/bloggers that you look up to or that inspire you (feel free to name-drop)?
You know, the first blogger I followed was Maryse and I read everything she recommended. I still only have Maryse and Madison on my follow list. Of course, The Indie Bookshelf is my favorite one because I feel so privileged to have been asked to join them.
I am getting to meet a lot more bloggers these days and they are all so nice and supportive so my list might grow as time goes by.
What do you like to do in your free time? 
I don’t really have much free time since I work long hours during the week, but aside from reading, I love just spending time with my family. I also run one or two half marathons every year, so I spend some time training for those. I absolutely love to shop and am pretty obsessive about learning about the latest trends in fashion or the latest designs that come out every season from my favorite designers. I also love to…sleep. I take a lot of naps during the weekends. They are a must for me. This will change in a few weeks as I take on more reviews and try to get more writing in when I’m not at work during the week.
Name a dessert, a color, a drink?  
Chocolate shakes, Pink and will you believe it I don’t really drink?
If you could be one character, who would you be and why?
Hmmm. I really don’t know, there are so many amazing characters out there that I would probably want to pick and choose among some of their qualities and combine them into one.
How many books (on average) do you read a month?
I would say I could average about six to eight book each month, depending on what I have scheduled in terms of reviews. Every now and then I sneak in a book that I don’t have to review to take the pressure off a little bit.
What are your favorite book-to-movie adaptations? Why?
I feel like a loser but I don’t really watch movie adaptations of my favorite books.  I just feel like leaving a writer’s words to my imagination works better for me.
Do you have any book boyfriends? If so, name them and explain why?
I am a hopeless romantic at heart so my latest book boyfriends have been the alpha males who just every so often have spouted out such romantic words or have fallen hopelessly in love with their heroines: Gideon from the Crossfire Series for the way he just loves that girl Eva; Kellan from Thoughtless/Effortless because he just stuck through Kiera’s craziness and indecisiveness and was just madly in love with her; Jake from the Mighty Storm because he loved Trudy from the moment he saw her (oh my gosh, how romantic is that)…. And the two Calebs – Caleb from the Opportunist because he is so anguished and tormented I don’t know if he will ever get to be happy and Caleb from the Captured in the Dark/Seduced in the Dark series because he was so bad that it made him so good.
Name 5 books that everyone should at least read once:
The Thornbirds by Colleen McCullough, Where or When by Anita Shreve, The Last Time They Met by Anita Shreve, Here on Earth by Alice Hoffman and The Opportunist by Tarryn Fisher.
What is your dream job?
Since I have accepted the fact that I need to earn money, I have my dream job. I have a great job in a wonderful company and I work with the most amazing people ever! BUT…… just writing and making money for my writing would be the ultimate dream job.
What book are you most looking forward to reading?
Right now, I really want to finish all of the Trilogies that are supposed to be coming out this year. Reckless by S.C. Stephens and Thief by Tarryn Fisher top my list.
What I want the world to look forward to reading is In the Air by my friend Crystal Serowka. I also have a friend, Willow Aster releasing in a week, and so many others like Calia Read, Leslie Fear and Andrea Randall releasing in a month or so. So many friends brave enough to live their dreams. I am so lucky I know them.

Nina, It was so great getting to know you! I will have to check out those 5 books! Thank you so much for participating in my BTTA and I hope to continue to talk and become friends! xo

How Was Your Superbowl Sunday?

It’s been a whSuper_Bowl_XLVII_logoile since I’ve written anything remotely book related so what better subject to talk about than the Superbowl? We all know what transpired over the weekend – sports stores were packed, grocery shelves cleaned out and empty, husbands not knowing what to do with themselves. Stocking beer in the fridge over and over again. Working for an ad agency makes the Superbowl just as big an event as it is to everyone else. We have giveaways and Facebook pages and polls to fill out to rate the best commercials. I am proud to say that we do have a couple of those each and every year….

So here’s the clincher. The last time I watched the Superbowl was when the Bears were in Miami and my husband thought he died and went to heaven as I surprised him with VIP tickets. While trying to see if I could catch a glimpse of him, I had 40 high school juniors and seniors roaming around my house thanks to my children who hosted a Superbowl party at that time. So, save from running to and from the TV to catch the Halftime Act, it has always felt just like an ordinary Sunday night to me. This from a wife whose husband has been a die- hard Bears fan since I met him 25 years ago. When we lived outside of the country eons ago, this husband would actually set the alarm up for 2 am to catch the seasons’ games live via satellite.

Is it bad that his obsession has never really rubbed off on me?

I actually take advantage of this event for some peace and quiet around the house…..For time to work on the computer, time to write, time to read. For some reason, the house just doesn’t need me as much during the three or so hours that this huge to do is going on. Everyone seems to be self-sufficient, no one seems to want my attention. No one is hungry, no one needs help with their homework. No one is asking me what I’m up to. No one. Peace and quiet and lots of food. For this I am truly thankful.

I guess I can say that I do love Superbowl Sunday like everybody else. Hope yours was just as fun as mine!

P.S.  Who else has Single Ladies playing over and over in their heads today?

The Struggle and the Juggle….Why It’s Still Worth It

imagesBelieve it or not, there is a big production involved in getting ready to go to work on a Monday. Bills have to be tallied and paid, five loads of laundry have to be folded and put away, blogs have been written and the family’s schedule has all been discussed. And let’s not forget that the outfits have to be planned and the weekend purses need to get put away. Everything needs to be transferred to my work purse.

 The transition this weekend has been especially difficult because last week was a week that highlighted the struggle that all working moms, wives and women go through. I was as sick as a dog. It started when I arrived from Christmas vacation on the 2nd of January. I showed up at work on the day I arrived all packed with another suitcase ready to face the Year End process head on.  By noon, I was sniffling and coughing and sneezing and as the day progressed, I knew I was in for it. I also knew that I was stuck at the office for late nights and travels for the rest of the week. It didn’t help that three Walgreen’s branches later, there was NO THERAFLU!  WTH, where was the Theraflu, my flu buddy, the only medicine that helps me breathe enough to get a good night’s sleep? So after chilling and sniffling and tuning out during long drawn out meetings, I was finally home for the weekend. Only, I was feeling worse……Fast forward to the following week, and the ENTIRE house was down. Me and the boys.  In pajamas, occupying couches and beds.  Instead of getting the much-needed rest to get better, I was up every hour of the night, sponge bathing, medicating and checking on my son whose fever was off the charts.

 And now it comes down to the start of the work week. I’m stressed and bugged out, knowing what is waiting for me at the office. Auditors and deadlines.  Plus throw in an acquisition with the “newly acquired” folks coming down to Chicago for a dog and pony show to be presented by …guess who? The sniffling, coughing lady. How can I even get started on a Power Point presentation, my mind is all fogged up!  But the funny thing is this. I AM excited to get back to normal. I am excited that I’m no longer contagious and that I get to do what I love to do once again. It is because I do what I love to do that I can look forward to vacations and that I go to sleep each night with a thankful heart.  Just knowing that I’m making a difference both at home and work, no matter how half- a**ed it might seem, makes it worthwhile.

I’m ready for the week ahead.

P.S. I was obsessing about this song all weekend long. Don’t you love it? I want to write my thoughts about it soon.

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Happy New Year!


Every year around Christmas time, I start to take stock of the year that was and for some reason, a feeling of dread never fails to wash over me. I guess it’s because I am not really good with unknowns. Another year of ups and downs, heartbreak and joy, pride and hard work will pass in a few days. What makes a year a Happy One? We all have different points of view on this, I’m sure. This year and for some, it will be celebrating an anniversary, or finding a job, or graduating from school or even falling in love.  Then again for others, this year might not be anything at all.  Whatever it is, whatever happens, for every experience from today and going forward, I wish you all the best. I wish you the gift of finding every joy and blessing in even the smallest or saddest thing that happens to you this year. Take each day and seize it like you never have before. Live in those moments. I wish you a year full of hope and anticipation. Make it your year this year.

 Happy 2013!

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