Blog Tour & Giveaway: Binds by Rebecca Espinoza

Blog Tour & Giveaway:

Binds by Rebecca Espinoza


4.5 Stars!

Ophelia Brands is in a bind and she doesn’t even know it. Literally. Trapped in a loveless marriage and in search of her self- identity, she is kidnapped one day by a revolutionary group that seems to think they have all her answers.  First she finds out she is a Mage. Next, she herself is under a Bind imposed on her by her husband to curtail her powers.  Sad and alone since the day her mother was murdered, Ophelia doesn’t know what to think of these new revelations.  When given the choice of fighting for her people or returning to her old life, Ophelia knows that she will never ever give the second option a single thought. With her new-found people as well as the attention of two very protective and attractive rebels – Reece and Spencer, Ophelia must decide what her future will be.  This means going up against the most powerful Oberon who is also her father in law. As Ophelia learns more and more about her husband and the evil deeds of Oberon, she knows that she must stay with this group and help fight for the rights of the Mages.

 This book was such a wonderful and surprising read for me. I have never read such a unique and unusual story.  Rebecca Espinoza’s writing is so eloquent that there was never a point of confusion for me despite the many levels present in the story. Her descriptions are vivid enough that her characters become realistic and compelling.  Rebecca Espinoza brilliantly wove many allusions to a foreboding that kept me engaged throughout the book. I wanted to find out who Reece and Spencer really are. Why did they go through all the trouble to watch her two years before deciding that it was time to take her? Were the Binds imposed on Ophelia the real reasons behind her acceptance of the falsehoods in her life or was she blinded by being too focused on her unhappy existence? Either way, the causes championed by her new “friends” have given her the inspiration and strength to revert to the woman she once was, with or without her magical powers. At the end of the book there is such an unexpected twist that makes me want to beg the author to hurry up and publish Book 2.

Binds is a story about fairies and magic and supernatural powers.  It is a story about the inherent presence of greed and the love for power in human nature . But most of all, it is a story about the love of a child for her mother, the absolute capacity of the heart to do good and the ever-present search for justice and equality among all of existence, humans and non humans alike. Rebecca Espinoza has done a fantastic job of combining mystery with magic and even a touch of romance. I can’t wait to read more from this refreshingly exceptional new author.

About the Author:


An Army wife, has lived in 8 different houses and 5 different states in the past 10 years and she can’t wait for the next move. She is skilled in the arts of basket weaving, origami, and bullshitting. She is a book thief and likely to pilfer any she sees lying around in friends’ houses, so keep an eye out if you invite her in.
She currently resides in beautiful Wahiawa, Hawaii (Army wives will get this joke) with her two sons and dog, Tosh.0 (her most favorite person in the world…the dog, not the comedian), and her husband pops in from the field, missions, or deployment every now and then to say hello. She tends towards the sarcastic when referring to herself in third person. Rebecca is a Turtle, are you?

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