Book Review & Author Interview: Surrender Your Love by J.C. Reed

Book Review & Author Interview:

 Surrender Your Love by J.C. Reed


When Jett Mayfield meets Brooke Stewart at a bar, the sparks fly and the two can’t seem to stay away from each other. Brooke ends up working for Jett who comes up with an “agreement” aimed to keep their personal and professional lives separate. When  Jett takes Brooke to Italy to negotiate the deal of his career, she goes all out in trying to help him to secure the sale.  As Brooke and Jett navigate through their business and intimate relationship, Brooke finds evidence to make her doubt that meeting Jake was ever a coincidence.

Surrender Your Love is the first installment in a multi-part series about  a strong alpha male and an independent female who develop a sexual relationship only to fall in love in the process.  J.C. Reed’s writing is well composed and fluent. The story line, however, is a little bit too familiar. Brooke Stewart is supposed to be a headstrong and career minded woman and yet she agrees to enter into a sexual relationship with her boss.  She also opens up to him about her past only a few days into their relationship. There was a potential for the characters to impart a more meaningful impression if the author had taken more time to cultivate their respective qualities.  I was disappointed that I could not connect with Brooke because of the conflicting traits she exhibited early on in the story.  Although the sexual tension between them was engaging, their love scenes were predictable and recognizable.  I think that there is great capacity for the author to develop some backbone for Brooke in Part 2 of this series.  She seems to have grown one towards the end of this book.  J.C. Reed has managed to pique my interest enough to look forward to the continuing story of Jett and Brooke.  Brooke certainly deserves this second chance to redeem her personal convictions and self-respect.

Let’s get to know a little about J.C. Reed and her new book. Read on to find out more about this author!

An Interview with J.C. Reed:

BBB:  Congratulations on writing your first book! What inspired you to write Surrender Your Love?

JCR:  I think the characters were the biggest inspiration. Especially Jett had been lingering in my mind for years. I kept thinking about his story but I wasn’t sure I could write a chapter, let alone a whole book. One evening, when the kids were in bed, I just sat down and tried to put a few words to paper. Just a paragraph, I thought, but the words kept flowing and before I realized it, I had written an entire chapter. I couldn’t sleep that night because the characters kept circling in my mind. I saw Jett and the estate, I saw Brooke and her tragic past, and I knew I had to finish this story no matter what, even if it meant working past midnight or early morning.

BBB:  Did you have real life inspirations for the main characters of your book?

JCR:  Yes. All characters in my book have little inflections of people I have met and known. Especially Sylvie was inspired by one of my best friends.

BBB:  Did you know that you were going to be writing a series instead of a stand alone book?  What helped to influence your decision to do so?

 JCR:  Surrender Your Love was supposed to be a stand alone book but as I wrote ‘the end’ I realized there was so much more story to tell and I couldn’t let go of the characters yet. So the sequel, Conquer Your Love, was born.

BBB:  What are your favorite qualities about Brooke and Jett?

JCR:  I like that they’re so passionate about one another. They’re dedicated, protective, and they want the other to the point of letting go of everything else. Both learn the importance of compromise, of giving and taking in equal amounts. My favorite qualities are their strong will and confidence.

BBB:  Tell us a little bit about yourself. Where and when do you write best?

 JCR: I tried to work at my desk so many times, but have found that the best place to write is in the living room on the couch when it’s dark, be it dawn or late at night. I like to write in the morning but unfortunately that’s not always possible with two young kids so I have a tendency to write after midnight often until 3 a.m. Whenever I’m very tired or feel stuck, I listen to music.

BBB:  What challenges did you face while writing this book? 

JCR:  Writing can be quite hard. I went through around six more or less challenging stages while writing Surrender Your Love. When I hit the third and probably most challenging stage, I was at 20,000 words and all of a sudden the entire writing process slowed down. At some point I thought I was never going to make it and I grew frustrated with myself. I had to combat my own frustration and force myself to stop expecting too much in too little time. Once I realized I don’t have to put so much pressure on myself, the words started to flow again but I still went through extreme emotions ranging from ‘I’m never going to write another book’ to ‘this is too tough, I won’t make it’. Another challenge was that the more the story progressed, the more I became obsessed with the characters. Jett and Brooke were on my mind day in, day out and I started to neglect everything else. I had to learn to deal with that obsession.

BBB:  Any lessons you learned while writing this book? Any message you would like to impart to the readers of your book?

JCR:  When you feel like writing, chase after your inspiration and write everything down immediately. If you let too much time pass, the ideas are either forgotten or poorly executed. The best parts of a book are those written when you feel your characters’ emotions rather than have a distant memory of them.

BBB:  Name one of your most recent favorite books and tell us why you loved it.

JCR:  That’s a tough question because when I have time to read, I devour 3 to 4 books at a time and usually end up loving or liking them all. The most recent book I have read and loved was Touch & Go by Lisa Gardner. She’s a great author who never fails to amaze me with her talent. Other recent books I have read and enjoyed were by Barbara Freethy, Sylvia Day, Maya Banks, and many more. They’re all amazing authors who are able to create fantastic characters and a storyline that is gripping.

BBB:  Any other new projects we can look forward to in 2013?

JCR:  Conquer Your Love will release June 1st. There’s also a new project I’m currently working on featuring a secondary character from Surrender Your Love. I have so many book ideas I’d like to put to paper and share with my readers but unfortunately there aren’t enough hours in a day ☺

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