Blog Tour, Book Review, Author Interview & Giveaway: Breaking the Wrong by Calia Read

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Blog Tour, Book Review &

Author Interview:

Breaking the Wrong

by Calia Read

Breaking the Wrong-RW cover

4.5 Stars!

Emilia Wentworth is living with a broken heart . She is determined to seek revenge from those who caused her family’s pain three years ago. Hence the creation of a Burn List. Within Emilia’s list is a carefully planned plot to bring those involved to a justice designed by herself, her brother Aniston and her sister, Eden. They are waiting for this moment to happen, and Macsen Sloan’s name is on it. Emilia is tasked with putting this scheme into action. She moves to Macsen’s school to be close to him. Although they had never met before, there is an instant attraction between them that feels so natural. What Macsen doesn’t know is that Emilia has motives that she intends to accomplish. Neither of them had ever counted on falling in love.

This book is Calia Read’s second installment in the Sloan Brothers series. It is a stand-alone book although we get to catch up with a few of the main characters from her first book, Every Which Way. The story revolves around the circumstances that lead to the couple’s budding romance and how their respectively damaged pasts contribute to the hopelessness of their relationship. Calia Read is an articulate and eloquent writer who successfully establishes an emotional connection to the main characters so early on in the story. I remained engrossed in wanting to peel back the layers of each page to arrive at their revelation. Macsen and Emilia both harbor an insufferable guilt for events that happened in their lives but each has taken different paths to gain their own redemption. While Macsen suffers in quiet acceptance, Emilia is out to exact retribution. When their worlds collide, they must find a way to bury their pasts and move forward with each other.

There is something to be said about a writer who is able to elaborate in words the electrically charged attraction between two people in the throes of falling in love. Calia Read does this so expertly. Macsen and Emilia’s allure towards each other is nothing short of captivating. The love scenes are hot, but they are also tender and affectionate. Once Emilia gets to know Macsen, she is more sure than anything else that he is not the person whom she thought he was. It takes a certain skill to expose a character’s soul like that. Calia Read accomplishes it hands down.

Breaking the Wrong is a story about two people who learn about forgiveness through their love for one another. It is about the endless capacity of the human heart to provide compassion and understanding, and the undying ties of family and loyalty. Calia Read has opened our hearts to another member of the Sloan family who deserved a chance to tell his story. I can’t wait to meet more of them in the future.

An Interview with Calia Read:


BBB is so proud to have been able to snag an interview with the beautiful Calia Read! Read on to get to know more about her!

BBB: Congratulations on your second book, Breaking The Wrong. How does it feel to finally be done?

CR: When this book was done, I was SO HAPPY! It was much deeper than Every Which Way and so whatever emotion my characters were feeling, I did. And unfortunately, this book had a lot of sadness and anger. You can imagine how relieved my husband was when this book was done. LOL!!

BBB: How long did it take you to write this book?

CR: Breaking the Wrong took me much longer than I thought. I started in early December and finished late February. I barely met my deadline!!

BBB: Breaking the Wrong is a stand-alone book although it includes the main characters from your first book, Every Which Way. Had you planned to write a second book all along? What inspired you to do so? Did reader reaction to EWW influence this decision at all?

CR: From the beginning, I knew Macsen and Thayer would have their own book. It wasn’t until I started writing Every Which Way that I realized they had an older brother Mathias, and I KNEW he had a story. When I introduced Emilia as Tosha’s mysterious friend, she pulled me in. I HAD to know about this elusive girl! HAD TO! I think that’s my favorite thing about writing, when the characters start to talk and DEMAND what has to be told.

BBB: Emilia’s character is emotionally charged and very conflicted. Tell us your thoughts about her character – what are you favorite qualities about her?

CR: Emilia is A LOT like me. All the quirks I have? She has them too. My favorite thing about Emilia is that she is quiet and somber, and that may put people off, but she’s just so shy, so nervous that she sometimes has no idea what to say. Makes her look snobby but she’s really just unsure.

I was so nervous to write her character out because it was almost like writing down everything about myself that I try to hide.

BBB: The chemistry and sex scenes between Emilia and Macsen in this book – HOT! Where did you learn how to write like that?

CR: LOL! I wanted more steam with this book. That was something I was determined to do this time around. Macsen made that pretty easy, though. He feels A LOT. And those feelings make him a very passionate person.

I wrote those scenes with a wide grin, red cheeks, and my fingers shaking because I was so outside my boundaries. But it was fun to push myself, to see how far I could really go.

BBB: Will there be a third book that will at least touch on the future for Thayer and Severine, Macsen and Emilia as well as the Sloan family?

CR: YES!! So excited about these Sloan brothers. Mathias will have a book, Ruin you Completely that I’m working on right now. His is not really new adult. I think of it as very much ADULT. But his book will challenge me, I can’t wait.

And Thayer will have a story after Mathias’s. I’m not done with him. I thought I was. But he’s been pestering me, or maybe it was the other way around? It was so nice to get to know Mathias better that I started to think about Thayer and what it’d be like to really explore his life and BAM! His story came to life.

BBB: What was the biggest challenge you faced in writing this book?

To NOT fall back on my sarcasm. Severine was a firecracker. She had a sharp mouth and that made her really easy to write. But Emilia really didn’t and it was a HUGE struggle.

Luckily, I had Chris Bresloff as a character and he was my outlet for humor and snark! Thank God!!

BBB: Describe yourself in three words. Go.

CR: Quiet.


People watcher. (I think we all are. Lol!!)

BBB: Tell us a little bit about yourself. Where are you from? What do you like to do when you’re not writing? Where and when do you like to write best?

CR: I’m originally from Central Illinois, a small town called Blue Mound. I’m the second of four girls and each of us has a unique name. Thus, starting my love for everything unique!

When I’m not writing, I’m reading or doing something crafty. Or I’m cleaning after months of neglecting my house. 🙂

I write best in a quiet environment, so usually, I’m holed up in my room, in a tiny corner where I have a desk set up.

BBB: Name one book that you enjoyed reading recently and why.

CR: I really enjoyed Children of Liberty by Paullina Simons. Granted, I read it in January. But it’s STILL with me. It was fabulous!! She creates the most amazing stories that making me feel like I was the main character. I swear I age 20 years by the time I’m finished with her books. LOL!

BBB: Any other projects that we can look forward to in 2013?

CR: Hopefully, I can release Ruin you Completely by late summer. And then MAYBE I can release one more book in 2013. Either Lily’s book or Thayer’s! 🙂

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