Blog Tour and Book Review: Reckless by S.C. Stephens

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Book Review:

Reckless by S.C. Stephens

5 Stars for the Series, 4 Stars for the Book


Here it is. I never thought I would be able to pull this off. I had to join this Blog Tour to make my closure a reality. All the months leading up to the release of Reckless, I couldn’t wait to read more about Kiera and Kellan’s story. And then the book was released and I stepped away. My Kindle preorder was downloaded and ready. And yet, I procrastinated. I was the one who wasn’t prepared to face the inevitable truth. I realized that I didn’t want their story to end just yet.

The Opportunist and Thoughtless drew me into the world of Indie authors, writers and books. I have fallen in love with so many characters since then, but Kiera, Kellan, Olivia, Caleb, Paul and Eliza will always have a poignant significance to me no matter how this love story ends.

Reckless begins where Effortless leaves off – the morning after Kiera and Kellan are “married” in their own special symbolic ceremony at Pete’s.  The couple’s bond is strong and secure and Kellan now has a family who has welcomed him with open arms.  Their happiness is no longer dependent upon the approval of others but on the strength of their relationship. The couple maneuvers through the travails of celebrity, a sex tape, a sexy costar and planning a wedding with much success. S.C. Stephens’ point is simply that Kellan and Kiera have grown up.  Kellan finally realizes how much he is loved and devotes all his time to showing Kiera just how much he cares about her. He goes out of his way to make her know that his success as a rock star is incomparable to what he would do to keep her in his life. He now has the unconditional love of his father, a trait that he so ardently passes on to his own family. He has learned the value of forgiveness both for himself and for those who had defined his painful past. This gives Kiera the strength and confidence to stand aside and prioritize his career. She knows that he loves her, she knows that he would never jeopardize what they have for the sake of stardom. Kiera moves through the entire story with a quiet faith and trust in Kellan’s love.

S.C. Stephens’ genius shines through with her creation of two so imperfect characters who have impacted so many readers with both their fallibility and their unwavering dedication to each other .  Both Kellan and Kiera had an unmistakable connection from the first time that they met and the electricity between them has managed to seep through the pages of all three books to captivate an infatuated reading audience.  There was never a moment in the series when Kellan failed to make my heart beat, my pulse quicken and my anxiety level run high. And these were not just in reaction to the steamy sex scenes. Kellan just had a way of loving Kiera that really stole my heart.  When an author is able to manifest these qualities in a character with so much impact, this in itself is the author’s very own success story.

At first glance, the reader may wonder whether S.C. Stephens should have stepped up the angst in this final chapter. I had the same question in mind as I read the book – the two plot lines were minor compared to the heart wrenching back and forth that occurred in Thoughtless. At 50% in, I was waiting for something, anything, to shatter my passive contentment.  It was after the 75% mark that I began to appreciate what the author wanted us to grasp: that Reckless is not about either of them succumbing to the messy world surrounding life on the road as a rock star.  Reckless is about their ability to remain steadfast in their commitment to be truthful and honest with each other and their resolve to remain together forever.  Kellan and Kiera made that promise to each other in Thoughtless, built strength in their connection through honesty and trust in Effortless, and fulfilled their promise of a united and blissful future in Reckless.

“I’m yours, that you can take me anywhere,anytime, anyway. You own every piece of me”

Last year, S. C. Stephen introduced us to amazing individuals who evoked all sorts of conflicting (and inappropriate) emotions so strong that we stuck around to see where their journey would take them. In Reckless, we experience the bittersweet culmination of that voyage. And through all the stopovers, delays and unexpected diversions, they have finally made it home. I’m going to miss Kellan and Kiera more than I can ever express.  But then again, as it is in real life, I have long since learned that endings like these can only lead to wonderful new beginnings.

Well done, S.C. Stephens.

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