Author Interview & Giveaway! Blood For Justice by Kerri Williams


Blood for Justice is the perfect book to wrap up Claire and Talon’s story of love and loss, redemption and justice.   I enjoyed the book so much I asked to review it both on this blog and also for the Indie Bookshelf. Watch for my full review coming up on the Indie Bookshelf on March 2nd!

I love Kerri Williams. I really do.  When I was first asked to write a review on Book 1 of her Moore Trilogy series (see prior reviews here) I never expected to have a love affair with Claire Moore and Talon Baker. Blood for Justice is the soul of the trilogy. It provides overwhelming depth to the devotion between the main characters that enables the reader to breathe in relief knowing that their love is solid and resilient. It assures us that all will be well and gives us permission to say goodbye to them. For now.

A huge thank you goes to Kerri Williams not only for writing such terrific books but especially for taking the time to do this very OPEN and HONEST interview with me.  I just agreed to be on this lady’s Street Team which simply means that I truly believe in her work! Congratulations, Kerri, I am so proud of you!

Interview with Kerri Williams


Super Cool Giveaway!

Hi, Kerri Williams! Thank you for joining me today.

KW: Thanks for having me, Nina.

It’s so exciting to share my love for these characters with you and the readers and because I’m so excited I’m willing to gift a pair of sterling silver Batman stud earrings to a lucky winner.

Good luck!

Oh my gosh, READERS! Leave your email address in the comment section and I will pick a random winner for such an awesome gift from Kerri.

BBB:  Wow! The third and final book of the Moore Trilogy! Congratulations on such an achievement! How did it feel as you were finishing the final words of Book 3? Are you happy with the way it ended?

KW: I’m in love with the last line. LOL.

This trilogy has been in the making for over a year and there were times where I wasn’t sure I could pull it off, then there were times where the characters and plot just took over.

As for how it ended…there are some ideas that maybe it really hasn’t quite ended at all 😉

BBB:  What book do you have the most attachment to and why?

KW:  Blood For Justice would definitely have to be the closest to me. Maybe because it was the last one, maybe it’s because she finally has a family and has learnt so much along the way. Oh, and let’s not forget about Prince Charming―that fluffy little guy has my heart.

BBB: What was the most difficult one to write? Was it the last one? Were there alternate endings or re-writes?

KW: Actually, I think it was the first. It was really hard not to have Claire and Talon mend everything right from the get go. They clearly love one another, but I had to make sure their conflict―internal and external―stayed realistic and believable. If they had a HEA from the get go, where would #2 and #3 be.

BBB: What inspired you to write these books?  How did you know you wanted to write a book about a young girl, revenge and the ever healing power of love and family? (this is what I think the books are about, by the way)

KW:  You got it right on the money! Thank God!!

My family all live in the one town, a town of 348 people. TINY! Ten of which is our family. I see a lot of kids come and go in this house with my kids and they’re always surprised at how welcoming we are and how much we all do together. Some of these kids had never just gone out on a family day exploring so we take them with us. There’s so much love to share, why not share it.

Amongst family days, there are your typical rainy movie days where we would lay about, crammed to max in our small house with kids and we watch the Harry Potter series and on many occasion we have sat through a marathon of VERONICA MARS. If you aren’t familiar with this show, it’s about a cool American teenage sleuth. During one of these marathons I realized I wanted to write a story with a damaged teen/young adult who needed love and family like these kids.

Before I knew it, I had plotted out the three books.

BBB:  Can you walk me through the process you had of creating the three parts of the trilogy? Did you know what each one was going to be about?

KW:  Awesome question. (taking big breath) I knew exactly what each was going to be about and their stages.

Hunger For Justice was the intro, the catch up and lead up. It was picking up from a tragic time for Claire and being reunited with the boy she loved but had blamed her for her brother’s death. How can you possibly have a relationship after that? She is alone, feels alone and cannot rely on anyone but herself.  It also introduced Villains and sub-characters while building and rebuilding relationships.

Heart For Justice brought some secrets of her past to the surface which she had buried deeply. She needed to deal with these and Talon and Frank needed to deal with their guilt. This one was building further relationships, finding family in friends. Claire learns a lot in this book about loving and blood isn’t what makes a family all the while trying to find a rapist and bring down the murderers of her father and brother without destroying her relationship with Talon.

BBB: How long did it take you to write each of the three books?

KW:  I have no idea! I wrote them back to back and it took just over  year. I could have released the first one right away and continued, but being a series junky, I just couldn’t do that to my readers. So I waited until it was all done so they could be released close together.

I hate having to wait a year in between. As it is, my readers were hounding me over a 6 week gap. Gawd! I love it though. xx

BBB: I loved the way Books 2 and 3 slowly established the relationship between Claire and Talon in the reader’s eyes. I felt that the buildup helped me to really connect with the characters. Talk to me about how you went about trying to accomplish this.

KW: It is so hard to keep them apart. They want nothing more than be together and yet so much kept them apart. They both had a lot of learning to do before they could make that commitment and not destroy each other. They were very close to doing just that many times.

To keep that pace, I needed to keep their future lessons in mind or it just wouldn’t work, it was like I had to be miserable all the time, so they could be miserable too. Lol.

BBB:  What or who were your inspirations for Claire and Talon’s characters? Do you know someone like them in real life?

KW: I didn’t really have one person in mind for them. It was more like a collage of many. Attributes and emotions that would make a complex yet realistic character. I could use things my husband says, does, hates and likes while catching something I like from a character out of a movie that caught my eye.

BBB: I just had to ask. I had a bit of an issue about the unresolved mystery of where Penny went and the quick resolution of Lilli Volkov at the end. Are we going to hear about these characters or is that pretty much it? Any hope for a Book 4?

KW:  Nina, Nina, Nina. Here is the scoop. Yes, there has been discussions of book four and even a prequel for when Claire and Talon first met before her life was hit so hard with violence and death.

As for Penny, I know I left her open and yes I thought it would be good to have her come back and either make good on what she had done or cause trouble and yes I could have tied her story up with a pretty bow, but I thought how unrealistic it would be that EVERYTHING had been resolved. In life, that isn’t always so. With those things in mind, I kept her story hanging.  Sorry. X

Lili Volkov…*cough, b#@ch. LOl. We are happy to hear what happens with her, as for anything for her story in the future…you just might have to wait.

BBB:  What made you decide not to have a Book 4? I would have loved to have seen them a few years later, babies and all, still kicking some crime a**!

KW:  The brothers were put I place at the age of 17 for some good reasons, like the ‘just in case’ reasons. There is plotting going on in my mind even though I’m in the midst of a different project. But this family keeps coming back to me and wanting to kick some crime butt!

BBB:  I’m your Facebook Friend. I’ve seen the pictures. What’s the fascination with Batman and the Justice League?

KW: Batman is a swooper. He swoops in and saves the day even if it places him in danger and even if it means he doesn’t get his girl and the life he dearly wants. This is Claire to a T. So when Ryan called her a swooper and explained why he thought of her this way, she thought of Batman and from then on dubbed herself as such in light of her situation.

Claire of course didn’t do all this alone, her family contributed and so she dubbed them her Justice League.

Now when I started this group on facebook (which everyone is welcome to join. It’s all fun) it wasn’t publicity for my books. In fact, I have a different group for that. This was just to have fun. I started calling myself Batman, using quotes from my book with my wingman who I then dubbed Robin. From there I dubbed a good friend who can Knit and read at the same time, Wonder Woman. (I mean seriously, you have to be wonder woman to be able to do that) The names dubbing grew and before I knew it I had to create a group.

The Justice League facebook group.

BBB:  Can you tell us a little bit about yourself? Where and at what times do you do your best writing? What do you like to do in your free time?

KW: I live near Port Macquarie, NSW of Australia and author of five novels base in the towns I’ve lived in, because really, its crap loads easier to embellish on what you already know.

I’m a wife who married her teenage sweetheart. Together since I was sixteen. Poor bugger. LOL

Had children after being told I couldn’t after surviving cancer as a teen. (hubs thinks he’s a super hero for that one). We have Two girls together nicknamed the lollies because they’re sweeties.

Author, who loves to plot while listening to music on the way to my day job and curses because I have to remember it until I get there. I write on my laptop absolutely anywhere, but love the corner lounge where the family watch telly.

Active Blogger and facebooker, because who seriously doesn’t want to know what’s on my crazed mind? :p

Abso-freaking-lute bookaholic of anything awesome and man, there’s heaps! I think every writer is.

 BBB: Any new projects we can look forward to in 2013?

KW: Yep. Always! I’m maybe halfway on a YA novel, NEVER GOOD BYE. Based on a teenage girl who is facing cancer, dysfunctional family, re-kindled love, losing her hair and ability to dance and the high percentage she wont make it out of this alive.

I had cancer when I was a teen and had to face many things in which a teen see’s different to an adult. Since then I’ve had scares and the difference is mammoth when you’re a mother. I used the two emotions and ideas for this novel and can’t wait for it to be released.

It’s not suspenseful, but just as emotionally building as The Justice Moore Trilogy.

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  1. andieleah78
    Feb 21, 2013 @ 07:37:12

    This series is on my tbr…can’t wait to check it out


  2. Adriane
    Feb 21, 2013 @ 09:16:21


  3. nendyrn
    Feb 21, 2013 @ 13:18:06

    Great great great interview! I think I might even know Robin and Wonder Woman! 😉


  4. nendyrn
    Feb 21, 2013 @ 13:21:37

    I think I know Robin AND Wonder Woman! 🙂
    Great series of books!!!!!


  5. nendyrn
    Feb 21, 2013 @ 14:04:50

    oops….I guess I got really excited! LOL


  6. kim m
    Feb 23, 2013 @ 06:33:31

    thanks for the great interview


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