Love and Truth by Kathryn Vance-Perez Author Interview & Giveaway!

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Love and Truth by Kathryn Vance-Perez

Author Interview and Giveaway!

Synopsis from Amazon:

Eighteen-year-old Nicole Harrison has spent her high school years devoted to academics and dance, leaving no time for a boyfriend and a life. Her parents’ shocking divorce causes Nicole to believe that true love is impossible to find. After spending her life in a small Texas town, Nicole joins a foreign exchange student dance program in the country where she was born. After years dreaming about her birthplace, she boldly leaves her world behind and moves in with a host family on the island of Okinawa in Japan. She anxiously awaits a year of improving her dance technique while enjoying a world of new experiences

Jonathan Hayes was born to a Japanese mother and American Marine father via a surrogate in the States. After his father’s tragic death in Iraq when Jonathan was only a baby, his mother moved them back to her home in Okinawa. As a child, Jonathan’s mother immersed him in American culture to honor his father. His good looks and immense musical talent have left him with no shortage of female admirers. But after a bad break-up from his girlfriend of two years, Jonathan plunges into a playboy lifestyle that leads him along a destructive path. As his wounds begin to slowly heal, he tries regaining his self-respect by living on the straight and narrow. But his heart remains closed to the idea of love; that is, until the night he sees the beautiful and innocent Nicole Harrison, upon the balcony of his neighbor’s home.

While Nicole tries to navigate an unfamiliar country, she also has to learn how to navigate the unfamiliar and unwanted feelings she’s developing for Jonathan through some very heart-wrenching and trying times.

Will her fears push him away, or will Jonathan show her the truth of loyal love?

**Not suitable for readers under the age of 17 due to some language and sexual content**

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An Interview with Kathryn Vance PerezLoveAndTruth AMAZON

Nicole Harrison is a young girl embarking on a new adventure after her high school graduation. She takes part in an exchange program for dance students where she gets to live with a wonderful and caring Japanese family. Just as she is getting settled into her new environment, she meets the mysterious Jonathan Hayes who makes no secret about his intention to get to know her. The attraction is mutual.  Nicole tries to resist her growing feelings for him as she deals with the trauma of her parent’s divorce and her determination to focus on her career in dance.

Love and Truth is a sweet coming of age story about a young girl with high hopes and dreams for her future. When she unexpectedly falls in love with a boy who is much more experienced than her, she feels out of her element and does not know how to react to her feelings. Jonathan is a young man who has had to come to terms with the loss of two important people in his life. His reaction to these events influenced the decisions he had made in the past, but meeting Nicole has inspired him to give his heart a second chance.  The story is set in a beautiful part of the world where the reader gets a chance to be immersed in the culture and history of the Japanese people.  The story is well written and emotional. Jonathan and Nicole must decide whether what they feel for each other is strong enough to rebuild their trust in what is good, true and real.

BBB was lucky enough to get some time with Kathryn for a few questions regarding the book. I hope you enjoy the interview as much as I enjoyed reading the book.

BBB: Congratulations on writing your first book! How does it feel? Describe what it’s been like since you published the book. At home, at work – things going back to being as normal as possible?

KVP: Well I’ll say that clicking the publish button was nerve-wracking to say the least! But it was also very exciting. The trepidation of the unknown looming over was scary because I had no idea how readers would respond to the book. But I put my heart into the book and its characters. I did my best to paint a picture for the readers that would be moving and hopefully touch them in some way.

Since the book went live exclusively on Amazon and Creat-a-Space I have stayed busy with promoting the book. I have enjoyed reading the wonderful and thoughtful reviews as well. I would like to say that things have slowed down since the book published but I am already deep into writing my second book which is titled “Therapy”. So I am still up late most nights buried in my computer. But that’s the way I like it.

BBB:  What was your inspiration for this story? How did the idea of writing Love and Truth come about?

KVP:  My inspiration for “Love and Truth” was actually a place not the characters. I lived on Okinawa in Japan for six years. I had a serious love affair with that island and it enamored me. The culture and the laid back feel of the island coupled with the most beautiful place I’ve ever seen made for a wonderful day-to-day life. I really wanted to share that with others by painting a picture with my words.

The idea of the actual story came from the opposite of myself. Nicole’s character was that of a “good girl”. She followed all the rules and chose the path if the straight and narrow. That’s something I’ve never been able to do in my life. I’m a little quirky, a lot crazy and have never followed the path most traveled. I was a wild teen and young adult, nothing like Nicole. Annie’s character is closer to myself in regards to her foul mouth and outspokenness. I wanted to try and write a character like Nicole to challenge myself by stepping into shoes I’ve never walked in before so to speak. At times it was certainly a hell of a struggle to do but I think her character was solid in the end.

BBB:  Were there real life inspirations for Nicole and Jonathan’s characters?

KVP:  I didn’t write Nicole or Jonathan’s characters based off of anyone in real life. Quite the opposite of the book I’m writing now which has many characters that I have based off real people that I know. Of course I do have my choices for who I would cast as Nicole and Jonathan. Tom Hardy and Odette Yustman are my top picks for them.

BBB:  How did you go about convincing the reader that Nicole was the one for Jonathan? After all, he underwent such a transformation from being madly in love with his ex girlfriend to being a playboy to wanting to be with Nicole. How difficult was it to sequence and express this in the right way so that the reader is not left wondering, “how did this change happen”?

KVP: This is difficult to answer. I guess I would say that I just felt the emotion of the characters and let the story flow on its own. I think over thinking emotionally charged sequences in a story can result in a cookie cutter feel. In real life when we are thrust into emotionally charged feelings and situations we usually act first, think second. As far as Jonathan’s first relationship and how it differed from his relationship with Nicole I would say that they were very different in many ways. I think many people like Jonathan’s character fall into relationships that become more of a security blanket rather being a real and passionate thing. His relationship with Leah was just that. It was comfortable and it was a security blanket allowing him to not be alone. When he met Nicole it was very different. It was all passion, angst, raw emotion and that feeling of not being able to stay away from each other no matter what got in the way. It was scary, sometimes a little messy but it didn’t stop him from wanting her. His love for her was that of the deep raw emotional kind of love that you feel when that real connection is there with another person.

BBB:  Is there a central message that you want to convey to the readers through this book?

KVP:  The central message of the book for me personally comes from my very favorite quote in the book which is, “If you told me today our being together would result in heartbreak I would still choose to be with you because I believe that truly living life is in the experiences not the outcomes.” This is how I choose to live my life. Thinking about and worrying about the bad or the end of something good will only taint it in the present. You will waste so many amazing experiences in your life if you worry about the result. Live in the now because tomorrow is never guaranteed. You’ll never get yesterday back so make it count and have fun doing it. Don’t take life so seriously and punch life in the face when it does get rough. Like Jonathan told Nicole in the book, “Sometimes pain and hurt are good things because it means you strived for something in your life.” I say the story conveyed that even pain can be a positive thing. Just like pain in life can remind us all that we are still alive, still here and still capable of living our dreams even if we hit a few bumps along the way.

BBB:  Okinawa. What a beautiful setting for a love story. Can you tell us how you found yourself living there for six years?

KVP:  I lived on Okinawa because my husband was an active duty Marine at the time and he was stationed there. The majority of the American population residing there are due to the military presence on the island.

BBB:  Can you tell us a little bit about yourself? Where and when do you write best?

 KVP: This is a loaded question! Ha ha… Instead of giving you the typical politically correct answer I will give you the unrated answer. I’m a mom first and foremost but I would say that the best way to describe myself is all over the damn map. I’m a square peg that has always had to fight being put into the round hole of life. I love music of all kinds and I’m an indie obsessed book junkie. Colleen Hoover is my inspiration and I love everything about the fictional world. When I’m writing I can be whoever the hell I wanna be without judgment or restraint. No inhibitions and no worry is how I feel when I am in the pages of a book I’m reading or a book I’m writing. So many things about me aren’t the typical things that society likes to accept. I like to go against the grain so to speak and make my own path rather than follow the path of others. Of course I am stubborn as hell and a bitch on wheels a lot of the time but mostly I am giver, a friend and a lover. That’s really the best way I can describe myself if I am being totally honest. As far as where and when do I write I will say that I mostly write in my home office but I’m known to pull off onto the side of the road in an instant when an idea pops into my head and pull out my iPhone and start typing away on the notepad or sometimes I’ll write in bed the old-fashioned way using pen and paper. The when is random but mostly late at night when the house is silent and my mind can wander off into the story without interruptions.

BBB:  The three words to describe yourself are:

KVP: Three words to describe myself would be silly, giving and compassionate.

BBB:  If you were given the gift of spending a few hours with a fictional or non fictional character who would it be and why?

KVP:  God, this question is damn difficult to answer. Holy shit, I have so many! Typically I would pick one of my book boyfriends like Caleb Drake or Dean Holder but I would actually have to say Olivia from Tarryn Fisher’s The Opportunist. Her character is so multi-faceted and full of so much inner-turmoil along with such a strong-willed mind. Her love for Caleb and her manipulative ways are intertwined with such complexity that I really would love to get inside her head for a while and see how she really felt during their last goodbye at the end of the book. That scene ripped my heart clean out of my freaking chest!

BBB: Any more projects we can look forward to in 2013?

KVP: As I mentioned before I am currently writing on a manuscript titled “Therapy” which is the first book in a series. Book two will be titled “Recovery”. The Therapy Series is a very different story and nothing like “Love and Truth”. It’s dark, deeply emotional, gritty and full of pain. It’s a very emotionally charged love story that deals with several deep issues that are not talked about much out in the open such as mental illness and self-harm. The characters are so full of love and pain and passion that they draw you in and leave you feeling breathless and empty all at the same time. I’m really loving the direction that the story is headed and am hoping to release it this May or June.


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