Double Review: Hunger for Justice and Heart for Justice (Books 1 & 2) by Kerri Williams

In anticipation of the Blog Tour for the Third and Final Installment of the Moore Trilogy by Kerri Williams, I thought I would post my previous reviews for the first two books. I know you will enjoy this Trilogy as much as I did!

Hunger for Justice (Book 1) by Kerri Williams

4 stars!

16141393Claire Moore is on a mission. She is determined to find those who killed the dearest people in her life – her father Peter and her brother Jim, both members of the NSW Police Force. Claire has angered a few people by relentlessly trying to find the answers to their senseless deaths. Enter Talon Baker, her brother’s best friend who disappeared from her world shortly after Jim was killed. Talon is also in some kind of trouble and needs Claire’s help because he knows that his situation and the death of his friends may somehow be related. Together, Talon and Claire must race against the clock to figure things out before their killers catch up with them.

This book has it all– action, suspense and romance. Kerri Williams has written a fast-paced and engaging story about a headstrong and determined young woman who has made it her life’s purpose to bring her family’s killers to justice. Claire leads a lonely life focused on revenge. Talon’s unexpected return brings more than her emotions back to life. She welcomes his help. They both share a pain of losing the same people.  Talon becomes her protector and her weakness. Claire is no longer alone.

The main characters are a perfect mix of stubborn resilience, soulfulness and passion. The story follows Claire and Talon on the run from people they don’t know, accusations they don’t understand and situations they can’t control. The only constant that they have is each other. Flashbacks of their times together are highlighted throughout the chase. Their history becomes the source of their trust. I related to the smart exchanges between Talon and Claire, the sorrow in their voices and in their thoughts. The author has cleverly woven their story into the current dilemma that they face.  I enjoyed the intermingling of the heart pumping action scenes with the tender moments of their redeveloping relationship.

When a story has you doubly vested, it grabs your full attention and holds you in until the very end. Not only was I anxious to find out who killed Jim and Peter but also whether or not, after everything, Claire and Talon could have a future together. I loved both answers. I can’t wait for more.

Heart for Justice (Book 2) by Kerri Williams

4.5 Stars!


The second installment in Kerri William’s Moore Trilogy picks right up as Claire and Talon are trying to lead a more or less normal life after the ordeal that they had just gone through. She now has a family she can call her own and is surrounded by people who love her. Claire is still the same feisty, bullish woman intent on getting justice for her father and her brother. Now that she knows who their killer is, it becomes more personal for both her and Talon. He is determined to give Claire her closure even if it means walking away from her.  When Claire is called back to her town for a crime that hits close to home, old feelings emerge and she is not sure that she wants to revisit that part of her past. Talon tries his best to protect her from further hurt, but he knows that she needs to relive what happened to help the other victims and to capture the perpetrator.

Kerri Williams is coming into her own as a writer. Not only is this second book much more well- written but it packs so much more heart and romance without sacrificing the swift and heart pumping action we have come to expect from this series. Claire and Talon are finally expressing their love for each other but the remnants of their past remain unsolved and thus threaten their future together. The difference from the first book rests in the author’s newfound ability to render her main characters’ emotions on paper. Despite their pain, there is so much tenderness between Claire and Talon. You can feel it, you can see it. You want to help ease their anguish but you know that you can’t change the truth. They have to face it and face it bravely. And Claire does just that. Despite Talon’s efforts to shelter her from harm, she faces it head on. What changed?  This time she is so sure that a life without Talon is no life for her at all.

The cast of characters from Book I are back, and so is the danger and suspense brought about by old and new personalities. The story continues to move at a quick pace and Claire’s coup de grace at the end of the book just warmed the heart of a hopeless romantic like me. I am attached to Claire and Talon. There’s just no denying that.  Bring on Book Three!

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