Book Review: Groupie and Rock Star by Ginger Voight

Parts I and II of the Groupie Trilogy

Groupie and Rock Star by Ginger Voight

4.5 Stars for Groupie and 4 Stars for Rock Star

Mogul has just been released and we will be hosting Ginger Voight’s Blog Tour next week. I thought I’d write about the first two books in the series, Groupie and Rockstar, as a lead-in to next week’s book spotlight. I have to say that I loved the series! I read them again over the holidays, and could not put the books down!


In Groupie, we meet Andy Foster, a freelance writer who is set to interview an up and coming musician named Giovanni Carnevale.  Andy is strong, determined and self  confident. She holds her own in the company of agents and superstars and the attractive people of the world.  When Andy meets Vanni there is an instant attraction between the two of them.  Vanni surprises Andy by actually pursuing what she thought was a harmless flirtation. The couple fall in love but both are subject to different priorities in their relationship. Vanni is hell bent on trying to establish his career by following the playbook on celebrity life and his public persona.  Andy takes advantage of her traveling career to be with him wherever his concerts take him.  Vanni does not commit, Andy does not pressure him. Their love spans years through separations and lovers and rising fame.  As Vanni’s popularity grows, so does the risk of his safety and security in the arms of Andy. And when a crazed fan sets her sights on Vanni, events spiral out of control and tragedy and heartbreak threaten to ruin their relationship forever.

Flash forward to Rock Star where Vanni’s fame continues to rise and he is now surrounded by agents, band members and hangers-on who are15808227 all on the intent on satisfying their personal agendas. Andy feels responsible for the accident that befalls Graham and she makes a commitment to be there for him during his recovery. Vanni is angry and frustrated and tries to relieve his pain through the many excesses brought about by his newfound stardom. He falls into a relationship with a woman whom he hardly knows and yet pines for the love and attention of Andy.  Andy gallantly steers through her promise to take care of Graham and tries her best to keep Vanni at a distance.  Vanni’s notoriety allows him to make some horrible choices that lead to consequences that can never be erased.  Andy and Vanni must try desperately to find their way back to each other in order to survive the forces that are tearing them apart.

Ginger Voight has mastered the knack of capturing the reader into the jaws of this topsy turvy, rollercoaster of a three part love story.  Throughout the series, she cleverly finds a way to make the reader want to stay despite the train wreck that is happening right before our very eyes. Vanni is indecisive, Andy is so in love that she can’t see straight.  And in keeping with the theme of scandal, deceit, lies and infidelity, the author introduces many personalities into the mix. Each so flawed, some just plain evil and some with a story to tell on their own.  Each supporting character adds such a different flavor to the couple’s life all offering them the choice of different paths to take, all affecting the outcome of their struggle to define what they have. Ginger took her time to develop each character so that they each contributed to the evolution of Vanni and Andy. This is not an easy task for any writer and she accomplishes this to a fault.

Despite the push and pull that is happening between the couple, there is such tenderness in their moments together that made me hope that somehow they would figure all this out.  Both books are written so fluidly and events and characters are connected so effortlessly that we all decide to stay through the years and watch them grow up.  And they do.  And when they do, we are there to witness very single delicious moment of it. Mission accomplished. We have been hooked.

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