The Struggle and the Juggle….Why It’s Still Worth It

imagesBelieve it or not, there is a big production involved in getting ready to go to work on a Monday. Bills have to be tallied and paid, five loads of laundry have to be folded and put away, blogs have been written and the family’s schedule has all been discussed. And let’s not forget that the outfits have to be planned and the weekend purses need to get put away. Everything needs to be transferred to my work purse.

 The transition this weekend has been especially difficult because last week was a week that highlighted the struggle that all working moms, wives and women go through. I was as sick as a dog. It started when I arrived from Christmas vacation on the 2nd of January. I showed up at work on the day I arrived all packed with another suitcase ready to face the Year End process head on.  By noon, I was sniffling and coughing and sneezing and as the day progressed, I knew I was in for it. I also knew that I was stuck at the office for late nights and travels for the rest of the week. It didn’t help that three Walgreen’s branches later, there was NO THERAFLU!  WTH, where was the Theraflu, my flu buddy, the only medicine that helps me breathe enough to get a good night’s sleep? So after chilling and sniffling and tuning out during long drawn out meetings, I was finally home for the weekend. Only, I was feeling worse……Fast forward to the following week, and the ENTIRE house was down. Me and the boys.  In pajamas, occupying couches and beds.  Instead of getting the much-needed rest to get better, I was up every hour of the night, sponge bathing, medicating and checking on my son whose fever was off the charts.

 And now it comes down to the start of the work week. I’m stressed and bugged out, knowing what is waiting for me at the office. Auditors and deadlines.  Plus throw in an acquisition with the “newly acquired” folks coming down to Chicago for a dog and pony show to be presented by …guess who? The sniffling, coughing lady. How can I even get started on a Power Point presentation, my mind is all fogged up!  But the funny thing is this. I AM excited to get back to normal. I am excited that I’m no longer contagious and that I get to do what I love to do once again. It is because I do what I love to do that I can look forward to vacations and that I go to sleep each night with a thankful heart.  Just knowing that I’m making a difference both at home and work, no matter how half- a**ed it might seem, makes it worthwhile.

I’m ready for the week ahead.

P.S. I was obsessing about this song all weekend long. Don’t you love it? I want to write my thoughts about it soon.

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