Happy New Year!


Every year around Christmas time, I start to take stock of the year that was and for some reason, a feeling of dread never fails to wash over me. I guess it’s because I am not really good with unknowns. Another year of ups and downs, heartbreak and joy, pride and hard work will pass in a few days. What makes a year a Happy One? We all have different points of view on this, I’m sure. This year and for some, it will be celebrating an anniversary, or finding a job, or graduating from school or even falling in love.  Then again for others, this year might not be anything at all.  Whatever it is, whatever happens, for every experience from today and going forward, I wish you all the best. I wish you the gift of finding every joy and blessing in even the smallest or saddest thing that happens to you this year. Take each day and seize it like you never have before. Live in those moments. I wish you a year full of hope and anticipation. Make it your year this year.

 Happy 2013!

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