Have You Seen These Reviews?

Ten Tiny Breaths by K.A. Tucker15990969

What a captivating read! Ten Tiny Breaths is a moving story about pain and suffering, survival and forgiveness.   The author’s touching portrayal of two young people experiencing the pain of losing a loved one is eloquent and heartfelt.  Kacie’s pain is so palpable and real that I ached for her hopelessness.  When Kacie and Livvie move to Miami to start a new life, we are introduced to many characters who symbolize a different stage in Kacie’s catharsis and healing. Every single one of them brings a different meaning into Kacie’s world. From the first time she learns to hold Storm’s hand, to the lightness and laughter of Mia, to Cain’s genuine concern, Dan’s protectiveness over their new family, to Trent and his determination to make her happy again. All these people have lost something in one way or the other and have yet learned to make the most out of what they had. For years after her family’s tragedy, Kacie felt like she was underwater, drowning and immersed in her personal sorrow. As she expresses her feelings for Trent – “He’s like ripe watermelons after a lifetime of thirst. He’s like air after years under water. He’s like life” – her love for him becomes her saving grace. It helps her to realize how much she wants to live. How much she wants to forgive. How much she needs peace.  Once she accepts her love for him and for her new family, she finally understands the meaning of her mother’s constant words. In a way like no other, Storm, Mia, Ben, Tanner, Cain, Nate,  Livvie, Dr. Stayner, Carter  and Trent are her ten tiny breaths of new life.

Ten Tiny Breaths. “Why Tiny, not deep? Do you think it matters if they’re tiny or deep?” Ten tiny breaths. Ten Tiny steps. It’s a long road to absolution and forgiveness but once you get there, seize those moments. Feel them. Love them.

Betwixt by Melissa Pearl Betwixt cover

Nicole and Dale are polar opposites. She is the popular high school beauty and he is the social outcast “juvie”. They have a shared attraction to each other, but she is just too cool to admit it. When Nicole finds herself hovering in limbo, Dale is the only one who can hear her. She needs him to find her body before it is too late!  In the process of searching for her, Dale and Nicole learn a lot about each other, their hopes and dreams and the past that has defined who they are in the present.  Saving Nicole from death will not come easy.  If and when Dale is able to recover Nicole’s body in time to save her, Nicole must make peace with her past and resolve to change her future.

I loved this book! It was fast paced, engaging and I absolutely got lost in the story. I think it was mainly because the narrative extended itself in bits and pieces during the overall premise of the book, which was the search for Nicole before her body succumbed to the elements in the forest.  Nicole’s spirit was able to travel and witness her family and friends’ reaction to her disappearance. She was able to watch her shallow life and superficial relationships unfold. She was able to see who Dale really was and how he cared about her for the right reasons. The symbolism brought about by Dale’s religious beliefs was also a very good tie in to Nicole’s lack of faith and credence in fate and redemption.  There is a reason why Dale was the only one who could hear her.  And as the story develops, we realize that they are not polar opposites at all. As Nicole’s walls slowly tumble down to reveal her pain and heartbreak, Dale is there to assure her that her life is worth a fighting chance.

Have I mentioned how much I enjoyed this book?

I Love You to Death by Natalie Ward

What would your life be like if it was surrounded by death?16004045

Natalie Ward’s portrayal of a young girl struggling to survive the many painful events in her life is both heartfelt and expressive.  The story is well written and the flashback events are fluent and cohesive. Oh, and I have to tell you. I liked the playlists that were included at the beginning of every chapter.  As the story unfolds, you begin to understand the reasons for Ash’s reluctance to have healthy and enduring relationships. To Ash, nothing in her life can ever be permanent. As she painfully recounts every event that has lead her up to this point in her life, this is where it starts to become a little bit too coincidental, a little bit unbelievable.  I found myself thinking over and over again, “oh no, don’t tell me…”, as each new person’s story began.  What happened to Sam alone would have been enough to drive a person over the edge. But did it have to happen to all of them? Was Ash’s experience with Sam not enough to provide the basis for the rest of the story? That the power of someone else’s love can heal even the most broken of hearts?  This review therefore offers up a contradiction in more ways than one – although I did not get lost in the book, it did hold my ardent attention until the very end.  I did root for Ash and wished for her eventual happiness. No one deserves the anguish of losing so many people in one lifetime.

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