Bound Together by Marie Coulson BLOG TOUR and Giveaway!!!

BoundTogether_Blog_TourGuess who just stopped by for an interview! A big warm welcome to Marie Coulson for joining us on this blog tour.

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Exclusive Interview with Marie Coulson

Unlikely Bookaholic:  Bound Together is your first book – can you walk us through how this first baby came about? How did the story of Layla, Ollie and Jared come to you?

MARIE:  The actual concept and idea came to me about three years ago. Life was pretty hectic and after a while I gave up on the idea of writing the story. Then in the summer this year I left my job to begin University. I suddenly had all this time on my hands. So one day, I sat down and just started writing. Layla was pretty easy. She’s based on so many things. She’s me at 19 she’s my friends and siblings as 19. I have taken inspiration from watching people day-to-day and even from people I knew in my past.

Unlikely Bookaholic:  Being a resident of the U.K., how much research was involved in making sure that your descriptions about people and places in the US were accurate?

MARIELOADS! I spent hours on the net scouring the web for places and details. In the end though, it all comes down to the fact that no matter what you discover, you are using these places fictitiously so nothing is entirely fact. Most is opinion. I did enjoy my virtual tour of the Hyatt Regency though. I also had a lot of help from my beta readers with language. Who knew some phrases and words actually don’t exist in the U.S as they do here? Not me!

Unlikely Bookaholic:  How difficult was it to bring three very different characters to life in your book? Layla being strong-willed and determined, Ollie more sensitive and Jared the typical alpha male.

MARIEIt was actually remarkably easy for me. These characters all have several layers to them and digging through, scraping back each layer was fun and exciting. Ollie was probably the one I loved most and there is still so much to learn about each of them. The what’s, why’s and how’s are all still to be explored. The characters complimented each other and as I continued writing, they pretty much ended up writing their own stuff!

Unlikely Bookaholic:  Is the story based upon any real life experiences for you?

MARIEOh boy, that would be telling. My mom could read this. Let’s just say, I like to write things I have some knowledge about. I don’t go in completely blind…well maybe blindfolded.

Unlikely Bookaholic:  Some readers have commented about the length of the book. How important was it for you to keep the story as it is? Was it because you felt that you needed enough character development?

MARIE:  This book was for introducing the characters and their relationships with each other as well as the story. It was especially designed to allow Layla her learning curve. I remember being her age and as I left my teens behind and hit the twenties, I changed a lot. I wanted readers to connect and understand the characters and their personalities before digging deeper into their pasts, behaviours and the rest of the story which is unfolding in book 2. I had the option of breaking the book into two but I felt it would lose something in the process. Besides, I wrote what I like to read and I love a long book!

Unlikely Bookaholic:  Tell us a little bit about yourself. When and where do you find yourself able to write best? Do ideas come to you throughout the day or night? How do you record these thoughts and ideas?

MARIEI’m 25. I know, shock! I was born here in the UK and I have worked in several careers in my lifetime. Baker, child carer, primary school teacher, carer for the elderly, special educations needs co-ordinator and even had my own cupcake business. I’m at university studying to be a therapist and have been studying for the past two years. But nothing makes me happier than when I’m writing. I burn the midnight oil though. My best work happens at night. I like to prop myself on the bed with my laptop and write. I usually end up with a snoring cat at my feet too. I have to carry a voice recorder with me everywhere because I can never turn off my thoughts! The bus, at school, in bed…I get an idea and I have to get it down!

Unlikely Bookaholic:  Are you working on anything for 2013 and can you share it with us?

MARIE:  Torn Apart is in progress now and after that will be the final installment in the trilogy. After that I have a couple of other stories plotted but nothing I can reveal at this time. Ollie’s novella will be released this year for Christmas. I’ve loved getting inside his head!

Thank you so much, Marie and Congratulations!

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