A Public Service Announcement….. Or Not

So today I am going to ramble on about the travails of getting ready for a loooong business trip. As in two weeks. Long.  I am going to miss my family so much!

I woke up yesterday morning in a panic and decided to work from home today. And boy, did I accomplish a lot. First and foremost, I voted. Have you voted yet? Are you going to take the time out to vote on Tuesday? Take it from me. Someone who has worked for the government and who has seen firsthand how our votes do matter. Sure it was in another time and in another country, but anywhere in the world, politics seems to march to the beat of the same drum. No matter how you feel, regardless of who you vote for, consider yourself so very lucky that you get to have a say in what the country can be like for the next four years….

So, after voting, I got to pack and boy did I pack. What don’t you need for fifteen days? You basically have to take your whole wardrobe with you. And the shoes to match. Even if you only pack one gray outfit, you need the gray shoes.  Of course.  And then there was laundry, working out, and last but not least, getting your nails done so they look nice while you are overseas.  Just so that all the strangers and co workers you meet will think, “wow, what pretty nails she has”. Huge priority.  I am sure you know what I mean. Come to think of it, those nails might not survive trying to lift that huge heavy suitcase as it comes off the luggage ramp!

It’s been a crazy busy week but I managed to crank out a few things. Highlight of my week? Two reviews which you will find at The Indie Bookshelf.  I am still so amazed at how priviledged I am to be in the company of such creative, smart and funny women.

I also finished Down to You by Michelle Leighton. I was so frustrated when the book ended that I just asked her when the sequel was coming out. I loved the book if only because it ends when Cash and Olivia’s story seems to have just begun.  The build up was incredible.  I actually had the nerve to ask Michelle Leighton to hurry up with the next installment!  Not that I actually think she will listen to me.

So now that I am all packed and my Kindle is loaded with pages of new and unread books, it’s time to relax until I have to leave for the airport in the morning. I promise to keep in touch while I am away if you promise to do the same!

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