Book Review: Saving Grace by J.M. Hill

**** Four Stars!

Julie Hill is kind and sweet and gifted me with this book to read and review.  Since I had no idea beforehand what this book was about, I jumped at the chance to read and write about it.

The Prologue at the beginning of the book definitely hooked me in.

The story revolves around two cousins, Kate and Grace, who were lucky enough to have three gorgeous, sensitive and caring guys move into a house across the street from them. The Anderson brothers not only drove nice cars, they also worked in a lucrative family business that  afforded them free time and the flexibility to work from home!  After numerous meals together, home visits and movie nights, both cousins fall in love with two of the Anderson brothers. Grace’s relationship with Michael does not develop as quickly as that of Kate and Miles. The first half of the book was a highlight to the romantic tension that existed between Grace and Michael.

All this time, I kept wondering, where is this going to lead and how does the Prologue eventually get resolved? Until I reached the 64% mark on my Kindle.

The pace of the story then picks up at breakneck speed when Grace faces a life changing incident.  What happens to Grace and most importantly the after-effect of the event on her is heartbreaking and real.  Grace and Michael struggle not only to build their relationship but to put their past experiences behind them. I realize that we needed the first half of the book to place their relationship in perspective and to entitle it to the meaningfulness that it deserves. A love that survives tragic events needs a solid foundation. True love does not happen overnight. Strong ties and connections build their strength over a period of time.

In the end, I learned one thing:  that the title, “Saving Grace” is an irony all in itself. For although at first glance we see that Michael and those who loved her helped Grace to heal from her ordeal, all of the book’s main characters, were, in one way or another rescued by Grace’s perseverance and unconditional love.

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. GirlyMuse
    Oct 27, 2012 @ 18:14:22

    I love this book and still think about these characters. Isn’t Garrett wonderful?


  2. anngom
    Oct 27, 2012 @ 18:55:41

    Yes he is! Sweet and kind and soo loving.


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